Q: How is 'Avy' pronounced? 

  • A: The "a" sounds like saying the word "Avalanche."

Q: How much is shipping?

  • A: Free shipping in the US

Q: Where is my order confirmation?

  • A: The order confirmation is sent to the email address used to create the order when your payment goes through. Please check your inbox and spam folder for an email from orders@avycoffee.com

Q: Can I have my coffee pre-ground?

  • A: Yes. Select the grind you want when you pick your coffee.
  • Whole beans, Espresso, Coarse

Q: What is the difference between a blend and single origin?

  • A: A coffee is a single origin if it comes from a single farm or cooperative while a blend combines beans from different countries and locations. Our roasters bring you the best flavor for both.

Q: How long is your coffee good for?

  • A: Your coffee is best consumed up to 60 days after the roast date. 

Q: I need help with my order. Can you help me?

Q: What kind of grind should I get?